Migraine & Headache Relief

Are migraines ruining your quality of life? Do you lose hours and days of your life to migraine pain? Are you on medication yet still suffering from debilitating pain? Does medication stop the pain but leave you feeling "fuzzy headed" and tired instead? Are you looking for a way to permanently stop migraine pain without heavy medication?

While some people find that medication and lifestyle change help reduce their migraine intensity, many others are plagued by pain for years, with only minimal symptom relief. If you are looking for a drug free approach to migraines, please consider neurofeedback- also referred to as EEG biofeedback . This is a non-drug treatment which allows you to reduce stress reactions and retrain your brain-waves towards better regulation.

Migraines are generally caused by too much variability or overactivity in the brain wave functioning of specific areas of the brain. By placing electrodes on areas of the head and watching brain wave activity, neurofeedback specialists can diagnose which area of the brain is overactive and dysregulated. 

Once the problematic area of brain wave functioning is identified, neurofeedback specialists create customized computer "games" that teach the brain to remain in healthier brain wave states. This training usually takes only 6-15 sessions, and generally creates permanent results

Studies indicate 80-90% effectiveness, leading most clients to be drug-free and headache free for the rest of their lives! Even when clients retain some tendency towards migraines, they are usually dramatically reduced and less intense. Neurofeedback can also stop migraines as they come on, and many people who walk into an early training session with a migraine, feel relief within a few minutes of session training! Clients also tend to find that neurofeedback leaves them feeling more clear-headed and less prone to stress of all types.

Neurofeedback's success with migraines has been featured in a number of recent news stories. Here are some of them:


Press here to learn more about neurofeedback in general and watch a former migraine sufferer discuss her experiences with it:


Common Questions:

How many sessions does it take to find relief?

Most people need 6-15 sessions of our neurofeedback protocol for maximal symptom relief. less technologically advanced biofeedback methods can take closer to 30-40 sessions, but we use the fastest, most advanced diagnostic "brain maps" and machinery, which significantly reduces treatment time. Most client report noticeable reduction in migraine frequency and/or intensity from the first session or two, with further reduction each session. Neurofeedback is so effective that most clients who come in with a migraine (in the first session or two), find it fades mid-session.

Is this covered by insurance?

Most insurances cover neurofeedback for migraine relief, but some do not. Insurances that do not cover it often claim that it is "experimental". Insurances do this with virtually every new treatment for as long as they can in order to cut costs. In fact, many studies support the use of neurofeedback/ biofeedback for migraines and clients generally love that it is a drug-free and permanent approach.

You can call your insurance and find out about coverage or we can call for you (the code is 90901 and insurances refer to it as the more generic "biofeedback"). Due to the cost of machine upkeep and overhead, we need to collect fees at the time of service. If you expect insurance reimbursement, we will send your claim to your insurance as a courtesy.
How much does treatment cost?

1. The diagnostic "brain map" session costs $350. This session takes between 40-60 minutes, as clinically necessary.

2. The fee for each treatment session following the evaluation is $185. Sessions are conducted by our skilled technicians, and supervised by myself. Treatment sessions generally last between 30-60 minutes as clinically appropriate. (This includes discussion of progress, machine hook-up, and actual neurofeedback protocol "games").

Most clients experience dramatic increases in quality of life, work productivity and mood that far outweigh the costs.

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