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Hypnosis can be a powerful tool of change. It is both incredibly relaxing - like a "mental massage"- and surprisingly energizing, helpfully propelling people toward healthier thoughts and actions.

Many of our clients report that they were afraid to go to "just anyone" for hypnosis. They had a sense that hypnosis would help them, but were wary of the less regulated field of hypnotherapy. If safety, ethics and professionalism concern you, be assured that I practice hypnosis as an experienced licensed psychologist.

As both licensed therapists and certified hypnotherapists, we are able to seamlessly integrate hypnosis with therapeutic goals. We utilize our therapeutic training to optimize the hypnotic experience, emphasizing the types of images and phrases that best match your individual personality and needs. We also help optimize success by teaching you how to reinforce positive visualizations at home.

Besides its ability to relax the mind and body, hypnosis allows us to turn down our critical, conscious mind, and be more in touch with our subconscious reality.

Most of us are aware of an internal voice that is negative and self-defeating. This voice (or internal bully) plants the seeds of self-doubt and discouragement. It says things like, "You always fail", "no one will like you", "this is never going to work", or "you just can't cut it". This pessimistic voice often prevents us from developing the kind of self-confidence and inner faith necessary to reach our personal goals. Even when we achieve success, this negative voice tends to overshadow the positives in life, filling us with nervousness, fear, and even depression.

Hypnosis begins with deep relaxation and feel-good images which turn off critical internal voices. Once negative voices fade, a process of reprogramming occurs, in which the subconscious mind is fed positive beliefs and visions, and learns to speak with confidence and health.

Have you ever known exactly what would help you get "unstuck" from a negative situation, yet felt completely powerless to take the appropriate actions? Maybe you wanted to communicate better with family or co-workers? Follow a good idea to completion? Manage your time better? Be less intimidated by others? Or stop obsessing about the negatives in life? Sometimes we know what we "should" do, but we just can't seem to do it. Hypnosis helps eliminate the internal barriers that interfere with good intentions and set us up for failure. In hypnosis, the subconscious mind visualizes a detailed image of success so that goals are much better achieved in everyday life.

People are usually happily surprised by the peaceful feelings that are awakened by hypnosis, even after the session is completed. Motivation for healthy change grows week by week, and internal voices become far more nurturing and balanced. Self-confidence noticeably increases, and life stress becomes more manageable, as clients learn to relax at will through a deep hypnotic breathing.

There are many ways to practice hypnosis. At Clifton Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback Associates we use techniques that facilitate personal empowerment. We guide clients into hypnosis through relaxation exercises that are reproducible at home, because we do not want anyone be dependent on us in the long run. I do not force hypnosis through artificial procedures like metronomes and pendulums because they can detract from your own ability to learn self-relaxation.

The American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Psychological Association (APA) both recognize hypnosis as a valid and effective form of treatment.  There are numerous scientific studies showing its efficacy for a variety of goals, and I have personally used it to help resolve a wide range of client difficulties.

Some of the areas where hypnosis can most beneficial include:

* Anxiety
* Stress
* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
* Phobias
* Depression
* Mood Disorders
* Social Discomfort and Awkwardness
* Pain Relief and Healing (Chronic pain, Pre and post surgery recovery)
* TMJ and Teeth Grinding
* Headaches
* Performance Enhancement (sports, academics and performing arts)
* Public Speaking Fears
* Test Anxiety

Hypnosis is a comfortable, enjoyable, and natural way to reduce negativity, manage stress, and facilitate positive changes.

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