Are you haunted by your past? Do painful experiences play over and over in your mind?  Are you crippled by a sense of worthlessness or never feeling "good enough"? Do you avoid everyday situations like physical touch, differences of opinion, driving or social interactions because they trigger old traumas that cause emotional pain or panic? 

EMDR, technically called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, is widely acknowledged as a game changer in the field of trauma recovery. Using eye movements or other bilateral rhythmic stimulation, EMDR gently encourages the emotional brain which has been stuck in "fight, flight or freeze" reactions to process what it needs to in order to shift into a centered and empowered mode. EMDR changes the trauma imprint from helplessness, self-reproach and fear to resilience, resourcefulness, self-acceptance, self- love, safety and even triumph.

EMDR is an experiential therapy that changes our visceral reactions to trauma triggers. It is pretty amazing to be a part of the transformation that it often brings!  

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