Allyson Kloss, LCSW


Are you experiencing unbearable levels of anxiety? Do you go to sleep at night wondering how you got through another day? Is trauma from your past seeping into your everyday life? Do you want to be present in relationships but feel too preoccupied with your own "stuff" to get out of your head? Do you feel stuck in vicious cycles of anxiety and pain? Are you frozen in the fight, flight or freeze response, suffering from a nervous system that just can't relax? I specialize in anxiety and trauma work, and my focus is on a comprehensive approach for permanent relief. I look forward to getting to know you and creating a customized plan.

I never use one size fit all approaches because everyone's backstory is unique. I want to help you attain genuine peace, calm and focus in your everyday life- waking up each morning with a smile, instead of a sense of panic or dread. I can't wait for you to look back and say, "Wow! I became the self I always wanted to be..."

I am always on the lookout for cutting edge workshops and research on how to relieve anxiety, heal emotional wounds, and reverse the effects of trauma. I integrate insight oriented talk therapy with hypnosis and guided imagery, neurofeedback, somatic interventions, mindfulness, CBT and DBT. Call or email today so we can work together towards inner peace...