Anxiety & Panic

We are located in Clifton, NJ, providing in-person and online appointments throughout the state of New Jersey.

Let us guide you towards a more peaceful and centered life. 

Do you find yourself reeling from racing thoughts that just won't stop? Suffering from a pounding heartbeat or sweaty palms? Are you constantly worrying about what can go wrong? Are you confused and terrified by decisions because of all the "what if" scenarios that go through your head?

Don't let anxiety and panic rob you of your peace of mind! We specialize in  

panic reactions can feel insurmountable, there are many comfortable and effective treatments. At Clifton Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback Associates we emphasize practical, down-to-earth approaches for the quickest possible relief. We truly "get" just how immobilizing anxiety can be, yet we strongly believe in everyone's capacity to become free of its grip.

Some of the most common worry-related disorders include Panic Disorder (anxiety attacks that can feel like a heart attack), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, Specific Phobias and Headaches. Anxiety disorders are my personal specialty, and I have years of experience treating all of these disorders. I keep up with the latest psychological research recommendations and integrate cutting edge interventions like neurofeedback, nutritional supplements and other complimentary approaches. EMDR, guided imagery and hypnosis are also often very helpful.

All the therapists at Clifton Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback Associates share my passion for alleviating anxiety in a natural, non-medicine oriented manner.

We are warm, supportive and completely nonjudgmental. You will be accepted and understood exactly as you are, while at the same time gently encouraged to try new techniques for better coping.

Anxiety and panic are often caused by unaddressed stresses or by a lack of effective coping techniques to handle life challenges. We will help you pinpoint the sources of your anxiety and better cope with them before they get out of hand. We will help you learn to reduce overall stress, adopt more positive self-talk, slow down racing thoughts and physical panic, and deal with the self-destructive thought patterns that contribute to anxiety.

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