Dana Leblein, MA, SAC, LPC


Are you or your child suffering from anxiety, depression, ADHD or assertiveness problems?

Do you or your child feel inadequate, overwhelmed, or intimidated by others?

Do you wish you or your child could feel happier and more content inside?

Are you looking for a therapist who understands the complexities of life and has a wide variety of experience to draw upon?

I have many years of experience working as both a school counselor and an outpatient therapist. I love working with clients of all ages- children, adolescents and adults.

Are you a parent looking for help with your child?
My experience providing school-based crisis intervention, creating behavioral intervention plans and collaborating with child study team members and teachers enables me to see the whole picture when working with children and teens. I use my bird's eye view of the school system to encourage effective strategies for navigating emotional, behavioral and educational concerns and help parents better advocate for their children. As a parent of 3 adult children myself, I understand the tremendous effort we all put into raising our children! We all deserve medals!

I pride myself on being authentic in giving parent-child guidance, and to add real-life perspectives on parenting through each child and teenage stage.

Are you an adult looking for help for yourself?
My experience as a therapist at Summit Oaks gave me exposure to adults suffering from a wide variety of difficulties, including General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, substance abuse and adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). My work there has been vital in enabling me to provide comprehensive help for individuals and couples dealing with any combination of these issues. Just as importantly, I believe in infusing sessions with down-to-earth warmth and caring. 

I aim to make talking to me feel like talking to a very good friend (only it never comes back to haunt you)!

You will feel wholly accepted as you are- even as I encourage you to take steps towards correcting unhealthy patterns...

I integrate a variety of therapy techniques, many of which are technically called cognitive-behavioral. That means that I believe in helping you (or your child) work on changing the inner self-talk, thinking style, and behavioral patterns that keep you stuck in negative emotional patterns. This takes work... but leads to positive changes that can last a lifetime.

It also means that I do more than just listen and empathize.... I offer many practical, hands-on suggestions of how to reduce distressing symptoms (like anxiety, depression, lack of communication or disorganization) and effectively cope with life's challenges. 

I also am very open to holistic approaches and strive to help you feel better without the need for medication when at all possible.

When appropriate, I am happy to coordinate a consultation within the practice to discuss neurofeedback (an all-natural approach to re-balancing brainwaves to correct for predispositions towards anxiety, depression, ADHD and/or headaches). I can also recommend a variety of other non-medication based healing modalities, as necessary.

I highly value learning new skills and attend many continuing education workshops to keep up with the latest research on what works best for resolving different symptoms and life challenges.

Most importantly, I treat everyone with the utmost respect, providing warm, personalized care and genuine concern....

Let me help you sort out your difficulties and learn the coping skills you need to create the life you deserve....

Ready to get started?

Please call the office staff at 973-815-0777, ext 101 or email [email protected] to get started.  

Telehealth is now offered for your convenience!