Client Feedback & Testimonials

We recently sent customer satisfaction surveys to past and present clients. Below is a sample of client comments:

"As a teen I suffered from a concussion & struggled with headaches & focus. I found Neurofeedback & the team so helpful & am now in graduate school on my way to a successful degree. I couldn't be happier & more satisfied with the service." -Sara

"Dr. Adler is the most caring, accommodating, & relatable therapist I know. She literally understands exactly what I am going through & is always able to encourage me & help me lead the most successful & happy life I can." -Esther

"Dr. Adler's warm personality is very helpful... She truly helped me to climb my way out of my depression. She listened & never diminished my feelings or fears. She helped me find realistic solutions for coping with my issues & to find joy in my life again" -- E.R

"Dr. Adler's listening ability is especially positive and helpful.  My confidence about being successful in handling my shortcomings increased tremendously after each session"-- Mark S.

"Dr. Adler's personality is very helpful... I feel in better shape because I saw her."-- Charles L.

"The meditation session works. I found it very relaxing!  I began to feel positive about myself... It felt refreshing opening up and expressing myself without fear of being criticized"-- Frank M.

"Dr. Adler is great & always very understanding yet realistic, which has been very helpful. (which is important to me!)--M.K

Dana is amazing. She really knows how to talk to my son in just the right way. He has become so much more agreeable and settled since seeing her-- Mom of a teenager

Joanna helped my daughter learn to express herself and gain confidence in who she is. She is so much happier-- M.A.

Alyson listens intently and really "gets" it. She has been so helpful in teaching me ways to take it down a notch and reduce the constant anxiety I was feeling. I am so happy I chose this practice-- 

Brittney rocks! I have gained so much from our work together-- A.Z.

The EMDR I've done with Robyn has been incredibly helpful! -- D.R.

Everyone says I am so much calmer than I was before. I hate to think I how I used to come off but this neurofeedback must really be helping. -- Lisa