Brittney Barat, LCSW- Child, Adolescent & Adult Therapist

 Not currently seeing patients.

I believe in bringing my whole personality into therapy- combining warmth, humor and compassion with professional knowledge and skill. I would be honored to actively help you or your child overcome any barriers to optimal wellbeing and psychological health.
I couldn't be happier to be a part of Clifton Psychotherapy! When I came to Clifton Psychotherapy Associates, I was thrilled to realize that this was a place which encouraged real human connection, and integration of many styles and techniques.
No one I see is just "a case" or just another person to service. I am given full support to work with each client in their own way, and to recommend any services- here or outside the office- that may be of benefit. 
Having worked in other settings previously, I can really appreciate Clifton Psychotherapy Associates' approach... and it is one that I am uber proud to be associated with!
Working as a school counselor by day, I have a special affinity for children and adolescents.  My school work has given me an up close view of the factors that can get in the way of healthy emotional regulation, as well as school and social success.
If your child is currently struggling, I would love to help you help them! Whether it is anxiety, depression, social rejection, academic challenges, ADHD or family difficulties that are interfering with your child's daily life, I can help by providing a safe place to work things through, learn coping skills, make a game plan- and climb out of the rabbit hole... 
Of course I also enjoy working with fellow adults navigating life's challenges. I look towards building upon strengths, and setting realistic goals that we can collaborate on. I take my cues from you- the client- and create a plan of action that facilitates real improvement and personal growth.
My previous work experience in a variety of settings allows me to pull upon multiple approaches to tailor our work to your personality style and preferences. I especially enjoy practicing anxiety management tools (they relax me too!), teaching strategies for mood regulation, strategizing for better handling social situations, and working on communication skills to improve relationships of all types. 
Like all therapists at the practice, I can easily coordinate neurofeedback and other complimentary modalities as well...
Let me help you be your best..... It is my pleasure to be of service...